The world of happy moments and memories!
“Hoosh” is all about happiness and moments of joy and harmony in our life (trans. from Armenian – “memory”). We believe in the power of positive and happy memories. Our memories shape us as an individual and create our unique story among 7.5bln other humans around the globe.
Thus, with every one of our products and products lines in the Hoosh World we are committed to contributing directly and indirectly to the ability of a human being:

– to focus on the positive side of life,
– to capture and cherish the moments of joy and happiness, and
– to translate them into lifelong memories full of emotions and positive energy.

Simple Things Matter

We understand that shaping happiness and a unique story of your life full of positive memories and energy may seem a very complex mission. But we also believe that very often the moments of happiness that turn into lifelong memories are triggered by very simple and basic acts of ours.

So Hoosh will be your multidimensional world of simple and easy to apply solutions that trigger confidence, self-satisfaction, empathy, gratitude, love and happiness.

Why Did We Start With Beauty & Wellness?

We believe that personal beauty and wellness directly influence our inner beauty and harmony, and help us boost our confidence and self-satisfaction. Once we are aware of our beauty and wellness, once we respect and value ourselves, we are able to get rid of our insecurities, look around proudly and calmly, relax and enjoy our life by spreading positive energy around us.

Therefore, make sure to check out our beauty and wellness products that provide basic, easy yet absolutely essential solutions for your everyday self-care procedures. Use our products to feel more confindent and positive.  

Yoga silhouette of a young couple on the beach at sunset.
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