4 simple tips on how to treat and store the pads after each application!

  1. After each application, wash the pads using your hands with warm water and mild soap that is free of moisturizers, emollients or oils. Please make sure to wash it gently not to damage its adhesive. ATTENTION: it is not recommended to use towels or any other kind of materials in the washing and drying process. Do not use chemicals, disinfectants or any abrasive cleaners on the pads.
  2. Allow the pads to air dry with adhesive side up, in a clean location. ATTENTION: do not use any kind of towel or drying material.
  3. Once the pads are dry, put them back on the plastic lining with the adhesive side down, to protect the adhesiveness.
  4. Store in cool area away from direct sunlight.


Silicon pads may be reapplied up to 20-30 times if applied and treated properly per instructions listed above.

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