Spring-Summer Posture Corrector in Beige

  • HOOSH POSTURE CORRECTOR – UNIVERSAL, UNISEX and UNIQUELY COMFORTABLE. Say “No” to Stress, Pain and Impaired Posture! Be Confident and Attractive!

    Poor posture may be caused by many factors, including fatigue, emotional stress, previous injuries, disease, and poor muscle tone. Your posture habit is another very important factor. Straightening up now and then is not enough: you need to be aware of your posture and continuously practice improving and upholding a good posture while standing and sitting.

    Save your time, emotions, and financial resources!


  • Adjustable upper back support device for EVERYDAY use – ideal for posture improvement, pain relief from neck, back and shoulders, back muscles strengthening & flexibility. This posture corrector will help you to feel healthy, sexy, confident and happy.
  • Designed thoughtfully by people who suffered from back pain and slouching, used multiple other posture correctors and then decide to make their own – a posture corrector which is durable, effective and comfortable at the same time.  It may cause some discomfort in the beginning only, as it will force your body to straighten its posture. Therefore you should start wearing it 15-30 min during the first week and then progressively increase the wearing up to 2-3 hours daily. It is one-size-fits-all, ideal almost for all adult sizes (chest size range: 28″ – 48″).
  • Truly invisible & undetectable! Hoosh Back Posture Corrector in beige is designed specifically for light color clothes. Wear it everyday with your spring-summer clothes, wear it with your business attire (under white shirts). 
  • Premium quality fabric – breathable, soft, light and firm at the same time (no sweating, no skin rubbing, no stretching and loosening!). Double sized hook-and-loop fastener is specifically designed for a better grip and stronger hold. Durable and sturdy – high-quality stitching and plastic loops ensure long product life.
  • Built-in pads: soft touch for skin protection all along the loops (no rubbing, no digging in the skin) and undetectable look (vs. bulky removable pads).

Price: $24.99

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