Black Posture Corrector for activewear and dark color clothes

  • #1 back health support basics device for women and men: whether you want to recover from injury or reduce back or neck pain or improve posture or strengthen back and neck muscles – Hoosh back posture corrector is an ideal solution. Wear it under or over clothes, wear it every day without worrying that it will lose its form/firmness. Every minute counts – build your back and neck strength by wearing our posture corrector at any time, at any place, without even noticing it.
  • Premium quality fabric – breathable, soft, light and firm at the same time (no sweating, no skin rubbing, no stretching and loosening!). Double sized hook-and-loop fastener is specifically designed for a better grip and stronger hold. Durable and sturdy – high-quality stitching and plastic loops ensure long product life.
  • Built-in pads: soft touch for skin protection all along the loops (no rubbing, no digging in the skin) and undetectable look (vs. bulky removable pads).
  • ALL in one – durable, comfortable, lightweight, effective + 100 DAY GUARANTEE: we guarantee the quality of our product and we strive for excellence. As the token of our commitment to high-quality project and our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction, we offer 100 DAY GUARANTEE: simply share your feedback, send it back to us and we will gladly replace or fully refund it.

Price: $18.99

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