Research proves: good posture is a main source of attractiveness

Are you going to swipe left or right? Thanks to modern technology, dating decisions are increasingly reduced to quick responses based on appearance. And now new research suggests that posture could play an important role in initial romantic success. Scientists studying human behavior have found that people tend to be more attracted to individuals who display their bodies […]

Self-Worth, Self-Esteem & Self-Love – yes, these lead to happiness!

“Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself. Never doubt who you are.” “Be very very very gentle with yourself. The world is very very very hard on you.” “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” “To fall in love with yourself […]

Sitting Posture for Office Chairs

Wearing a back posture corrector could be one of the ways to make sure that your back is constantly reminder to keep your posture in a good shape. However, there are other tips as well: Be sure the back is aligned against the back of the office chair. Avoid slouching or leaning forward, especially when […]

What Constitutes a Good Posture?

Sustaining a good posture is a big part of your health. It ensures that your bones are well aligned with the rest of the body, while the tension in your muscles and ligaments is properly distributed. More so, it keeps the body parts in their rightful positions with minimal stress. A rightful posture thence; Enables […]

Why to use back posture corrector

Your posture habit is one of the main factors affecting your posture. Wearing back posture corrector is one of the easy and most affordable ways of developing the habit of maintaining a good posture. While poor posture may be caused by many factors, including fatigue, emotional stress, previous injuries, disease, and poor muscle tone, it’s […]

How & when to apply silicone pads

As with any products, it’s important to read through the instruction of how to use silicone and when not use them. Pay attention to the safety warnings. Clean and dry your face before applying the pad. Your skin has to be free of any skin care products, including oil-based cleansers. Sweating may also interfere with […]

The power of silicone for skin rejuvenation!

Silicone pads made from Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O) adhere perfectly to the skin, create a favorable micro-environment for your skin to hydrate and regenerate itself.  Silicone has a magical effect for the top layer of the skin (called epidermis). It acts as a barrier to water loss, helps the moisture to be drawn up […]

How to maintain/treat silicone pads to reuse them longer

4 simple tips on how to treat and store the pads after each application! After each application, wash the pads using your hands with warm water and mild soap that is free of moisturizers, emollients or oils. Please make sure to wash it gently not to damage its adhesive. ATTENTION: it is not recommended to […]

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